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Bridge Bidding Summary

Let's look at the following bidding:


Do you have an agreement with your partner about the meaning of the following bids?

1 - Do you play the Stayman convention or is it Puppet Stayman?

2 - Is this a question for Aces or is it a slam interest with Clubs as trumps?

3 - Is this a question for Aces or a rejection of the invitation to go to slam and a desire to stop at 4NT?

Yes, once on your way to the club, you talked about this sequence of bidding and maybe even reached an agreement. Is it documented somewhere? At worst not at all, and at best it's written on a memo note or even in a file on the computer (but in which folder did I put it?)

The solution is: Bridge Bidding Summary.

The app (currently only in Java for Windows systems) serves as an index for the sequences of bidding in which the partnership has an agreement.

Possible uses:

1. Two partners who are interested in establishing their agreements - with easy access to all the agreements that have been set.

2. Bridges teachers can pass on to their students the file containing the material taught in the lesson.

3. An alternative to the Convention Card - If the application will be used widely enough, the agreement files will include all the conventions of the partnership and will replace the standard convention card (which is already limited).


This program is not used to practice bidding and does not "say" what the meaning of a specific bid (unless done it by the user) - it serves as the editor of your bidding system and after adding the appropriate explanations it will serve as a tool for repetition, as well as to resolve disputes between the partners.

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